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Starr Lab Grown Diamonds uses state of the art computer aided design software to create your masterpiece. From concept to design, we will work with you to make your dream piece of jewelry a reality. 

Our talented custom design team will plot out your vision in CAD (computer aided design) and you will be able to see realistic renderings of design!

After your approval we will start the manufacturing process and customize your masterpiece



Our Diamonds are chosen by our team of highly trained experts. Most of our larger diamonds (above 1.00 carat) are certified by IGI, a leading certification laboratory for lab grown diamonds. 

Diamonds are selected and matched by cut, color, clarity, shape, polish, symmetry, brilliance, sparkle & intensity.

Precious metals in our settings are genuine Gold & Platinum (platinum is usually for custom orders and limited edition items). All precious are conflict free and obtained from reliable reputable sources. Metals used in our jewelry are of the highest standards, tested and quality controlled and in compliance with US Metal laws.

Our Jewelry is made from the highest quality of diamonds and precious metals.  



Starr Lab Grown Diamond's manufacturing facilities are located in NYC's historic and world-renowned Diamond District. All our jewelry is manufactured in the USA under the strictest quality control. After the design and setting manufacturing process, our jewelry is polished and diamonds are set by our master diamond setters.  All our jewelry items are hand made and of the highest quality. 

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